Owner's Report - Clare


How long has it been since you installed your new kitchen?

18 months

What has been your experience since that time using your kitchen on a daily basis?

The kitchen is fabulous, we absolutely love using it and the high quality is evident in all aspects.

How did you first hear about us?

I saw one of your kitchens in a home magazine. We'd been looking at Kit Stone (now Neptune) but I wasn't impressed with the service that we'd received in our local showroom.

What attracted you to our company?

I wanted a bespoke handmade kitchen without paying a fortune and was keen to support a small UK business, as opposed to buying via one of the larger chains. Other companies that I explored offered a much more limited range of units at much higher prices.

Did you visit our showroom or buy from what you saw online or buy after being referred by a friend?

We visited your showroom, combining the trip with a lovely long weekend in Bournemouth.

Who did you deal with? (Karen, Myra, Jacky or Keith), and how did you find dealing with them?

We dealt with Jacky, Myra and Penny. They were all very patient (I changed my mind a lot!), responsive and extremely helpful.

How were the delivery arrangements made, and how did the actual delivery go?

I don't recall much about the delivery now, which must mean that it went smoothly! Our cabinets were certainly delivered on schedule.

Who did you use for installation, and how did it go in terms of the fitting of the cabinets?

Our builders managed the installation - it took very little time at all and they commented on the high quality of the cabinets. I was worried about the painting, but again this was really easy to arrange - the hardest part was choosing the colour.

Have you referred us to any of your friends/relatives/colleagues?

Yes, our neighbours are planning to buy their kitchen from you in the next few months.

Finally, what would you say to anyone thinking of buying their kitchen from us?

I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another kitchen from Handmade Kitchens. We will probably move house in a couple of years and I will definitely use Handmade Kitchens again - the beauty is that the cabinets are a blank canvas that you can use to create the kitchen that's perfect for you at a great price.